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Is Anavar worth using?

Do you feel that you are doing enough exercise and following a strict diet and still not getting the perfect body you desire? Well, here is the solution! We bring to you a mild yet super effective steroid which will take care of all your demands and needs. Anavar is the brand name for the androgenic anabolic steroid Oxandrolone. It was first manufactured in the USA in the year 1964. Anavar was so mild that it could be utilized to fuel growth in children initially. This drug is known that steroid use might stunt the growth of an individual, but that is mainly because of the excessive estrogens produced by some steroids as a side-effect. Oxandrolone does not get converted into estrogen, so Anavar actually reassures growth and development.

Women have been seen to utilize Oxandrolone pills by the company Genesis to treat osteoporosis as Genesis Anavar 10mg. But soon the sales went down because of the revolution against steroids. FDA disapproved most of the steroids to be used for medical purposes. This drug has been freshly reintroduced in the market by a new brand name and used majorly in the sports circle by fitness freaks and enthusiast athletes.

One of the safest steroids in the market

Anavar has mild anabolic properties and some degree of androgenic prospective. The compound has been derived from Dihydrotestosterone. But it reacts with almost equal potency with a muscle tissue and androgen sensitive tissue like skin or prostate. Whereas Testosterone would react more strongly to an androgen sensitizing tissue than a muscle cell. With this limited capacity, the drug is still able to counteract all the growth related problems.

Advantageous for women

This widely used drug is in use, especially by women athletes because of its trivial androgenic properties. Depending on time and way of usage, this drug does large impact on the body of any individual whether used by a male or a female. Many people call Oxandrolone a girl’s steroid! Using Anavar in an off-season time period (the dieting phase) essentially leads to those lean muscle gains and improvement of strength and stamina. This steroid, most importantly, inhibits water retention and thus delivers effective 100% gains. It also helps in burning fat and looks absolutely great and fit, almost similar to the magazine girls!

Anavar Dosage

A typical dose for cutting cycle in males is 15-25 mg/day, which is operational to visible changes in the body. Stacking this drug with other anabolic androgenic steroids like Winstrol will definitely help in achieving that toughened look without much of water retention. In women, a daily dose of 5-15 mg is enough to produce noteworthy results without the masculinization effects of other steroids. A dose can only be decided depending on the age, the body mass index, disease profile, and medications taken if any. You must consult a doctor, in case you feel any discomfort in continuation of the cycle. Read the reviews and carefully choose what is best for you. Genesis Anavar 10mg is a good option.