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Benefits of Branding and Email Marketing in Achieving A Strong Database

If you want to achieve market competency, start by growing your database. Email marketing optimized by branding experts is all you need!

Do you want to create a growing and strong contact database? How about communicating with contacts you already have? If you are not sure whether or not your marketing campaign really works for your business, then you might want to maximize your email marketing content. Here are the benefits of branding and email marketing from the best brand strategy companies such as BrandQuest.

Email marketing is ideally the art of increasing the convenience and speed of email in order to relay important updates, messages, promotions and tips to your prospects. Email marketing offers more opportunities for businesses regardless of experience and industry. With email marketing, your business can establish a deeper relationship with a wider audience, allowing you to maximize every marketing and promotional content.

If you are wondering whether or not email marketing can be an investment for you, take a look at the following of this form of marketing.


Email marketing has the power to send single content to hundreds of individuals. However, it was just a tip, “Segmentation” of the list that enables you to divide subscribers in several groups in order to send targeted email marketing messages depending on the particular actions taken.


One email testing, Litmus, revealed that 66% of messages in Gmail are opened via mobile devices. Furthermore, experts stress out that 50% of all “Unique Opens” and 40% of all “Unique Clicks” actually happen in mobile. Undeniably, more and more email users prefer to use mobile devices in opening and reading emails.


Tracking traffic coming from social media is too much complicated. On the other hand, email has a collection of solid metric which has been the standard for many years. This includes Click Rate, Open Rate, Growth, Complaints, and Unsubscribers.

Diagnostics are essential to measure the success of any kind of campaign. Many marketing channels show estimated and ambiguous results. On the other hand, email marketing pulls out valuable and precise metrics that include open rates delivery rates, click to deliver rates as well as subscriber retention rates. Much better, such metrics are more than just about the percentages and numbers. They are insights concerning the interest and behaviors of your customers. Utilize your email marketing campaign as a device to check which information your clients are mostopen to. From there, you can target your marketing strategy further towards a more successful topic of interest and campaigns.

Life Span

According to study conducted by Wisemetrics, 75% of all Facebook posts last only around two hours and 30 minutes. At the same time, 75% of the “Reach” that occurs only for around one hour and 50 minutes. Undeniably, the lifespan of such posts is too short. Its fame could be predicted as well in its first five minutes – that was according to the study done by The Twouija. However, you don’t need to think much on how fast this Tweets move. Email, on the other hand, does not die, as it requires to be killed. It sits there in your subscriber’s inbox anticipating to be recognized.

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