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Besides outcomes there are side-effects using HGH

Nowadays people have become very much conscious about their ageing which is mainly due to the loss of youth appeal and vigor in the early age. There are many factors like junk foods, pollution, long work hours, stress, and no time for relationship causing quick aging. Based on this, human growth hormones called HGH supplements are manufactured and there are innumerable HGH supplement brands earning familiarity in the market. These products are called anti-aging supplements. It is reported as it restores your youth and affects your appeal. We actually don’t know which one to buy; most probably what does it actually mean HGH. There are also list of HGH side effects which are well known one.

HGH – Human Growth Supplement

Before moving further into HGH supplements we must know what HGH is. HGH is nothing Human Growth Hormone released by our body. It is released by pituitary gland and is the main reason for muscle mass, weight loss, good immune system and increase in height and growth. It may sound weird for you and you will have a provocative question that since it is naturally produced by pituitary gland, why do we need artificial supplements or pills. But there is a clear biological answer for you and it is pretty simple too.

For your information pituitary gland produces HGH during our puberty. HGH production is decreased as we grow old but the level of HGH produced decides our strength and aging. Not only that, we need HGH so that to improve the growth of the cells and tissues in our body. For some people there may be human growth hormone deficiency. Therefore HGH supplements or pill is needed to treat deficiency and also to increase the growth of HGH as we grow old. Let us take a look whether it is advisable to use HGH supplements.


Somatropin is the HGH hormone we are discussing so far. The pills or supplements we take to increase the growth of HGH are aimed to produce adequate somatropin in the body. There are injections for somatropin growth increase but should be prescribed by Doctors. Natural HGH products are considered as safer. It is always better to go natural in any kind of products. Natural products supplies vitamins that boost collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the agents that give youthful appeal. But even to use natural products proper directions to use is advised. Another important thing is natural anti-aging supplements are relatively cheaper but more efficient than chemical products. The supplements which focus on immediate results are usually not effective. The anti-aging is done through release of adequate HGH and it takes time.

There are list of HGH side effects

Health issues such as muscle related disease, muscle pain, joint pain, hormonal problems, unusual weight loss, kidney related problems, nervous pain, swelling, head ache, cholesterol level increase and much more to list. Unless Doctor prescribes a brand, don’t use it, it may cause serious health problems. There are many ineffective HGH products in the market. We must always be careful while choosing a supplement or pill. The foremost thing is health rather than anti-aging.