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Clenbuterol T3 Cytomel for a lean and mean body

In this day and age almost each one of us are looking to get a lean and mean body. The days of carrying a bit of extra weights are gone. People are willing to work out hours upon hours at the gym. However it is not easy to lose weight. You need a lot of dedication and self-control in your diet. One easy way to lose muscle and gain some lean muscle is to stack t3 with Clen and Var. Now what does that mean? It means using these products to get the look that you desire.

Clenbuterol is a slimming supplement that increases the rate of your body’s metabolism which allows you to burn the fat faster during a cutting cycle. The use of this product leads to rapid weight loss while developing lean muscular body. This product is not for people who want increase in body mass and those who are big on strength training. However, it does result in improvement in performance at the gym as it gives you more energy and stamina so that you can outlast others at the gym. You can really feel the difference very quickly if you stack t3 with Clen and Var. If you can get hold of these in the market then you are sure to have a body worth flaunting in the near future.

  • Why you should use Clenbuterol T3 Cytomel stack

Thousands of people around the world prefer this product because of its ability to bring results almost immediately. Although it is not legal in America but I is legal in many parts of the world where the users of this product have seen significant weight loss in a short period of time. Clenbuterol and T3 provides synergising effects which causes weight loss and develops lean muscles. Using this along with other components like ketotifen, T4, anavar, winstrol etc. can give even better results. However, using just Clen and T3 are almost just as effective too.

  • What type of dosages should you take?

One important aspect of using this product is to know the size of the dosage. The dose that you should take should depend on the sex of the user and also the height and weight the person using it. Different people have different metabolism and therefore it will react differently in different bodies. So it is of utmost importance to know the right dose for your body. The only way to know what is the best dose for your body is the trial and error method. It is best for you to start with just the Clenbuterol initially to make your body accustomed to this new drug, only after a few weeks from that should you gradually introduce T3 and Cytomel to the body. One should not straight away opt for larger doses and stick to only a pill of about 20 mcg which can go up to 80 mcg after a week. One should always remember not to rush in too high doses to get quick results.