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Does Your Business Need a Wikipedia Page?

Today’s customers often do quite a bit of research into companies before they buy something. They want to know that they are getting the best value, quality and service for their money.  As a business you naturally want to ensure that when someone types your company name into a search engine the results are ones that you have control of; your company website, your blog, your social media page, your directory listing – these are the kind of things you want on page one. And what most businesses are well aware of is that Wikipedia almost always shows up on page one. So does this mean having a Wikipedia page for your business is a good idea?

Firstly, it’s Not Easy

Truth be told, most small businesses don’t qualify for a Wikipedia page. The rule of thumb is that your business must be worthy of notice in its own right and Wikipedia has a page detailing the notability guidelines that determine what counts and what doesn’t. This often comes in the form of notable accomplishments or high-level media exposure.

If you lack published information about your company from third-parties then it will be a good idea to increase your public relations. Think about contacting the editor of a news website or magazine to promote your company. Even with just a few third-party articles your company will be in a better position to obtain a Wikipedia page.

Is it Worth It?

Most people consider having a page on Wikipedia to be a good thing. It can improve your company’s reputation and credibility and verify its existence in the world of business. Buyers these days are well aware of the vast amount of scammers that exist and this is particularly true with online companies that handle a lot of money or where you build up a balance such as a gambling website. Having a Wikipedia page similar to that of Sun Bingo would probably convince prospective customers that you’re a legitimate company and they would feel safer about parting with their money.

Having a Wikipedia page for your business will also help to enhance your online visibility and increase brand awareness.  Wikipedia receives billions of page views each month so the chances are good that users will naturally stumble upon your page whilst viewing similar topics and following the links.

What’s the Catch?

There are a number of negative points to having your own Wikipedia page, the first one is that you don’t have any control over what’s said about you. They hold a neutral point of view policy so not only do they discourage you or an employee creating the page they will also frown upon you updating or editing the page as well. It is perfectly acceptable however for other people to edit your page and change or add whatever they want, which can be extremely frustrating given you can’t do that yourself. This also means that your page will require constant monitoring in case anyone adds untruthful or negative information, which can be very time-consuming.

It’s clear to see that a Wikipedia page isn’t for everyone because the cons do seem to outweigh the pros. However, if your business has the time and resources to maintain the page then the exposure and status your business could receive might make having a Wikipedia page a beneficial decision.