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Experience Monsoon River Rafting in Goa

Goa is a popular tourist destination in India which is quite famous for its beaches and its party culture. Rich in cultural heritage Goa is known for its beautiful churches that still reflect the beauty of Portuguese culture. One of the major attractions in Goa is river rafting during the in the month of June/July. The river rafting is done on the Mahdeii River and is a must try for any adventure junkie.

Activity Overview

Where to Go?

The Mahdei River is known for its scenic beauty and is also ideal for those who are beginners or trying rafting for the first time. The river borders the Mahdei wild life sanctuary and the panoramic view is unparallel in the entire western and southern coast of India.

What to Expect?

The activity usually starts at 9:30 am in the morning and 2:30 pm in the afternoon. The meeting point is Valopi in North Goa. You can either contact the hotel or book local rafting experts who will guide you through the process and take you to the rafting point. There you will get a detailed idea about the activity and get instructions about the safety precautions. The rafting is covered over a period of ten years and covers small rapids with names like ‘Big Daddy’, ‘Giant Haystack’ and ‘Pipeline’. helps you compare the travel packages offered by various agents that help you choose the best one according to your convenience. One click on your mouse and you are directed towards a host of options before you proceed to make your final choice.

Things to Take

Adventure Water Sports in Goa has become even more interesting with the introduction of White Water River Rafting. However it is important to take personal safety precaution before you begin your adventure. Following are some important things you should take along

  1. Dry clothes are essential. Surely you will not want to stay in wet clothes. Make sure you carry an extra pair.
  2. You should carry sturdy footwear that will prevent you from falling or slipping.
  3. You can also carry a pair of sunglass to protect your eyes.

Rafting is an adventure sport and it is important to listen to your instructor during the activity to have a safe and enjoyable experience. With you do not only get an idea about the best package available, but they systematically guide you about the whole procedure. Visit the website now to search the best packages befitting your budget and choice.