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Finding Peace and Doing Service for the Mankind

While many people lead their lives in pursuit of personal wealth or property and knowledge, fame and glory, many others go in different pursuits. They might think of the spiritual level and would rather spend their days and nights in not just reaching out to spiritual bliss themselves, rather, they might also wish to help others get light.

While material pursuits are easy to chase and one can get happy by eating an ice cream or by buying a designer handbag, but the joy that these things would bring is actually very shallow and not for long. This means that to make the soul happy, one has to listen to the heart, go on a journey for self-realization, and learn about his or her actual desire. This desire is of the soul and this is the spiritual happiness. The guidance from a Guru, a spiritual leader is sure to make many people get light of various things in life and John H. Binkley Jr. has found immense pleasure in learning about this bliss.

While buying a thing and becoming happy is easier, but the soul or heart would not get happy just like that. It would require a lot of training of the mind, in controlling desires and in reading and following the scriptures. There are various corners of the world where John H. Binkley Jr. had found that humanitarian helping hand was in need and people needed deliverance. Across 60 countries, he has gone on over 100 missions to help people get out of mental turmoil, and get help and deliverance from philanthropic services.

There are people who might need food, few might need help from tormentors or people who might be abusing them, few might need education, and there are plenty of places around the world where such cases exist. A person following the path of righteousness would not be able to just walk away or ignore this kind of turmoil that is troubling his brothers or sisters around the world.

Added to these basic amenities, many people might not have jobs, or might be suffering as victims of social discrimination due to their caste, or even due to their diseases or health conditions. Such people would need care, the healing touch not just for their physical needs of clothes, food, or shelter alone, but also for their spiritual and emotional needs. This is why people like John H. Binkley Jr. has gone ahead to help people get these needs of spiritual and emotional guidance too.

Since, he has held responsible leadership in major companies and has had a successful career too, he has great leadership and team forming abilities. Using these skills, and using compassionate heart, he has gone ahead to help people find relief in the midst of troubled times. His way of approaching and uplifting every section of the society through services of humanity, and working amidst suffering people, has helped in bringing communities closer to those in need and this can be seen in the book that he has authored too.