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The function and purpose of mannequins

Have you ever been to those mega shopping marts? Then you may have come across various displays of different products, mostly garments. The unique style and designs are best displayed on mannequins. These mannequins serve great purpose for the customers. According to their height and size one can decide what will suit them better. If you are opening new business in garments then having mannequins for your better display is important. In the world of fibers and plastics you can get a variety of mannequins made out of that. But one of the ancient forms of mannequins is the wired mannequins which can be traced back to the late 17th century. Although in the history of mannequins, the first mannequins are the product of wickerwork, which are traced back to the 15th century.

Dress making became easy with mannequins

The wire-framed mannequins give a structure and shape to the garments. However they were not very popular in earlier times, but in modern times they are considered classy and vintage. Getting your hands on the best mannequins can lift up your sales a lot. Although you can get a variety of ranges in plastic and fiber mannequins, these are even quite popular among most of the retail shops, but a wire-framed mannequin can bring a little sophistication to your displays. Having a life-size frame wearing the new trendy outfits can surely get the interest of people. The mannequins have various purposes, apart from displaying garments and outfits, they are great for measurements. Many dress makers and designers like to keep an average full-size mannequin to make their creation. These life-size frames give a basic view of the measurements, which is very important for dress makings as help to make the necessary adjustments. It is not always possible to hire people for their measurements so, having a dummy to play as the measurement guide rose high on demand. And in the midst of all that, wire-framed mannequins serves great as the basic of dress and garments making.

The other uses of mannequins

If you think mannequins are only used for measurements guides and garment displays, then you are highly mistaken. From a long time these mannequins have been used in training people in army and other squads. They are also known to be used in the battle fields to confuse the opposite army. In earlier time wired mannequins were stuffed with scrapped leathers and sack materials, which would give an illusion of human being. In today’s modern training armies dummies made out sacks is used as the trainees focal point. Another use of these dummies is in the medical fields. It is a well known fact that these dummies serves as a better idea for the medical students. Due to their accurate resemblance, they used to get better knowledge on human anatomy. The uses and functions of mannequins are endless. You can get all variety of mannequins of all shapes and sizes; you can even customize your own mannequin according to your preference. In the recent days you can also find mannequins with movable joints which work great for any retail shops.