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Getting a closer look at the ProGo 3000 propane operated scooter

Electric scooters are not only trendy, but they are also seen as clean and their operation helps a rider not to do harm to the environment. However, there are still some noticeable cons that don’t make this choice of the scooter to be a win-win option. One of them is the need to plug in for a recharge and another is the short functioning on the road. Well, what would you do after finding out that it is now possible to get the best of both worlds – the gas scooters’ endurance and the eco-friendliness of the electric scooters? This is where the ProGo 3000 propane powered scooter come in with its amazing features –see it here.

Features of the Progo 3000 scooter

The CARB and EPA restrictions that the other scooter types couldn’t survive are now history. The progo 3000 was created to be a long-lasting mode of transportation that would favor the user in various ways while the environment doesn’t suffer from its use. Now you can look back and smile at those times that you had to plug in your electric scooter 6 to 12 hours just to get a full charge. Since you can simply switch or refill the propane gas canister of the Progo 3000 and you are ready to go. The choke and carburetor gum problem experienced in the gasoline-powered scooters has been eliminated.

With the 4-stroke engine, one can travel 40 miles one a single propane canister. 16.4 0z of fuel can be contained by its interchangeable cylinder. Irrespective of its compactness of the ProGo 3000, its 250cc engine can move as fast as 20 mph.

We think acquiring this personal carrier for about $375 isn’t a bad deal, considering that the producers just assembled a few pieces of already accessible technology. However, it is reasonable that it cannot get any cheaper due to the fact that this machine uses to the fullest its technological potential. This contributes to why it can run non-stop for 2-3 hours on a single propane gas canister before a replacement is required.

Why is a propane scooter worthy of the attention it gets?

  • If the CARB and EPA can approve a scooter, and it is accepted for use even in California, what then can stop it?
  • The fact that it is light in weight does not stop it from being durable and its foldable handles make it perfect for indoor storage.
  • When talking about ease of use, we can’t but mention its simple pull and start function accompanied by it thumb throttle acceleration.
  • Bringing it to a halt is very safe because of the reassuring rear and front brake disc.
  • It has a dry weight of 35 pounds supported by its 8-inch compact tires and can carry a load of about 275 pounds.
  • The propane canisters can be refilled or switched within a few minutes.
  • People from the age of 15 upward can ride on it.

Judging from the features encompassed in this slick propane operated personal carrier, it becomes understandable why most riders opt for this option without thinking twice.