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Guide on How Does Carlsbad Desalination Plant Work

Carlsbad desalination plant, also known as Claude Bud Lewis Calsbad desalination plant is located in Carlsbad, California. It is the largest desalination project that is being carried out in the North America. The pipe under the sea that is connected to the Carlsbad desalination plant pump in about 100 millions gallons of sea water every day. The seawater is pumped into the Aqua Hedionda Lagoon which is located across from the Carlsbad desalination plant. The Carlsbad desalination plant project costs $1 billion to build. The plant is designed to consume much lesser energy than other desalination plants. The officials claim that the Carlsbad desalination plant only use half of the energy compared to other plants.

Carlsbad desalination plant was launched as a result of a partnership with Poseidon Water and San Diego County Water Authority. The plant was built with the desalination technology supplied by IDE Technology desalination plant that is based in Israel. It was originally the vision of the San Diego Water Authority to build a desalination plant to produce clean water. The drought that carry on in between 1982 – 1990 serves as the motivation for the San Diego Water Authority to propose in building the desalination plant.

It only took one year for the plant to be constructed which is significantly faster compared to other plants that are the same size. The construction of Carlsbad desalination plant aims to reduce the impact of the persistent drought that occurs in the southern part of California. The amount of water it produce is able to meet the demands for 400,000 people, which is about 10% of the water demand in San Diego county. The construction of Carlsbad desalination plant will reduce the reliance on imported water supplies from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWID).

Carlsbad desalination plant started operation in the early part of the year 2016. it produces domestic water so that the community in San Diego county don’t have to rely on other factors like snow and rain fall. The water is drawn from the Pacific Water which is able to provide a continuous supply of water without being exhausted. It may be costly to build the plant but it will yield gains in long term. Having an adequate supply of clean water is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle. Water also plays an important role in ensuring that the economy is stable.

Carlsbad desalination plant is equipped with many underground steel pipes that is as long as 20 feet and with a diameter that is up to 72 feet. Pipes are being constructed throughout San Diego county to distribute the desalinated water to many households and industries. Carlsbad desalination plant will increase the economy by a few million dollars. It has helped to provide more than 2,500 jobs for the local people in San Diego. It increases about $5- $7 of the water utility bill for the households in the San Diego area. The increase in the water utility bill will vary depending on the water agencies.