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HGH for increasing height

What is HGH? Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that is produced in the anterior lobe of pituitary gland in the brain is essential to carry many functions in the body, synthesis of cells and metabolism of fats and sugars in the body. It is the main hormone that is responsible for proper body development, muscle growth, strengthening of bones, renewing cells and tissues in the body etc. In cases where the function of pituitary glands is not established as usual, it results in disproportionate growth in children or in adults, a synthetic growth hormone is prescribed.

HGH decreases once we reach puberty as all the growth plates stop which means the growth of muscles and bones must have fused. So, in order to avoid the problem, one needs to eat a healthy diet rich in zinc, calcium etc. along with proper exercise and a good sleep are important.

What happens due to deficiency in HGH?

In Children: In case of children, lack of HGH may result in Prader-Willi Syndrome or Turner Syndrome. These syndromes cause smaller height, smaller feet and hands, lack of muscle, sight problems, improper sexual developments, constant hunger and increased weight. This would result in risk to heart and kidney problems, blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis etc. The most common condition seen in children due to deficiency in HGH is a growth of height less than 2 inches per year. It is the best for increasing your height.

In Adults: Deficiency of HGH in adults causes lack of concentration and memory, increase in body fat, risk of heart diseases, decrease in strength and low sex drive.  Do note that reduce in HGH is natural as we grow old and may result in common problems like grey hair, reduced muscle, reduced strength, low sex drive, wrinkles etc.

How does HGH help in increasing height?

The hormone works in 2 types. First is when the hormone is produced in pituitary glands, it is absorbed by the hormone receptors at target point and they help to recover/grow. This happens while we are sleeping. The second cycle is where the HGH is absorbed by the liver to control the blood sugar levels. A deficiency of HGH means that bones do not get the required hormone for their growth and hence, there is a lack of increase in the height.

Studies show that increase in active with a healthy diet can increase the HGH levels. Hence, regular exercise, playing sports like basketball, swimming, riding a bicycle should be encouraged. HGH supplements are also prescribed to those suffering from a condition called as cachexia which is usually seen in AIDS patients. It is a muscle-wasting condition.

Can HGH make you taller after the age of 21?

There is a chance of increasing the height in young adults between the age of 18-24. However, before starting any supplement or therapy, do check if the growth plates are still open and this can be done through an X-ray of wrists.

Bone growth is stimulated by a pro-insulin substance called insulin. Once insulin (IGF-1) is secreted into liver, HGH works to make you grow taller.