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How to Cope with Homesickness in College

College students aren't really supposed to miss home.

Between all the drinking, partying, and interaction with co-eds, college students are expected to be fully engaged with the present, and what is meant to be the best time of their lives.

Among the many tropes that have developed in college comedy movies over the years, two of the most common are "Guy who everyone makes fun of because he is always on the phone with his girlfriend from back home" and "College students only call their parents to ask for money."

While funny, these tropes aren't necessarily accurate. Well, they are. There will be that one person who is always on the phone -- well, I guess now it would be Skype -- talking to their significant other. And even if you call your parents to talk about something else, you will probably end up asking for money at some point.

But these both paint the picture of college age people only looking back towards home out of obligation or necessity. In reality, every college student gets homesick at one point or another.

It is a perfectly healthy response to being away from home for the first time in your life, and is nothing to be embarrassed about. It will likely continue to happen past your freshman year and throughout your whole time in college.

It is no reason for shame, but it can be a distraction and a depressant, and something you want to fight. Whether you go to University of South Carolina or are studying for USC's GIS degree, you can use these tips to combat your college homesickness.

Take a Vacation

This may seem like a weird way to fight homesickness, but hear me out. Going home for a weekend may get rid of your homesickness while you are there, maybe even reminding you of some of the things you don't like about being at home. But once you get back to school, you will probably just go back to missing home as much as you did before. If you take a vacation somewhere else, not only will you get a refreshing break, you may even find yourself missing college.

Keep Your Mind Occupied

One of the biggest mistakes made by people who are feeling sad for any reason is thinking they need to shut down, or allow themselves to feed their sadness temporarily in order to compartmentalize. You should really do the opposite. If you stay busy and productive, not only will it help you in your life overall, it will keep endorphins pumping and keep your mind off of your home.

Make Your New Home the Best that it Can Be

When you start to feel homesick, you may just be missing your family, friends, dog, or home. But it also may be a sign that you aren't satisfied with where you are living currently. The way to make sure you never feel homesick again is to make sure you are comfortable and happy in your living situation and in your life.