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Hulk Hogan Steroids Scandal – Wrestling With Steroids

In 1953 Hulk Hogan was born and his name was Terry Gene Bollea. Later he got popular with the name Hulk Hogan. This name he got from WWE stage. Today Hulk Hogan is one among the very popular wrestlers who are alive.

His steroid use made him popular and lifted him to international fame. In 1980 he began his carrier in wrestling. He was at the top of WWF in 80s and 90s. Today it is known by the name WWE. Hogan use to draw big crowds and made lot of money.

Hulk Hogan Steroids:

Hulk Hogan was succeeded in grabbing 12 world titles. Along with this Hulk Hogan was the third longest when it comes to reigning champions in the league. After his retirement from wrestling he dedicated his life to TNA wrestling.

Along with this, after retirement, he came in a show called Hogan knows best. In this show he was portrayed as a loving and protective father. Because of this show, Hogan again came into limelight. Through some other TV show his daughter also started her career on TV. Hogan knows Best show came from 2005 to 2007. There are four seasons.

In early 1990s the steroid scandal of Hulk Hogan rocked. Hulk Hogan was 6 feet and 7 inches tall. He was weighing 300 pounds. From a doctor he was buying steroids in Pennsylvania and he got caught. Initially he denied all these allegations. But later, he left WWF. All his fans were upset when he left the WWF. Later he admitted that he was using steroids for 10 years. He steroid in 1976 and he were using it throughout his career.
Hulk Hogan Steroids Testimony:

Later Hogan revealed that it was common to use steroids by wrestlers in 1980s. At that time 80 percent of the wrestlers were using the same. Even though he admitted that he was using steroids he didn’t reveal the routine or specific cycles that he was following.

He was getting the steroid from Dr. Zahorian. He use to collect steroids along with his paychecks and fan mails. Later even the doctor convicted for distribution of the steroids illegally. One more thing is Hogan’s use of steroids was somewhat medicinal. This is because he was using them to accelerate the healing of his injuries. Along with this it was helping them to growing mass and keeps up his wrestling.

He used steroids from 1976 to 1990s. When he had undergone trial, he revealed that he is not using steroid from last four years. He also stated that when he was using steroids he thought that it is legal to use them since he had prescription from a doctor.

The habit of taking steroids by Hulk Hogan was never discussed in detail. But he stated that he was using many steroids. He also revealed that he used both pill and injectable form of the steroid. For more information one can visit here

He can use Decagabril, Testosterone and Anabol. He always used testosterone as a base in every cycle. This is the steroid which helped him to get out of his injuries. Along with this it helped him to be strict in his WWF in 80s. Deca helped him to building muscle mass. This was very effective form him and at that time it was very popular. When it comes to training harder and growing lean mass, Anadrol helped him.