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Could Hypnosis be the Key to your Dieting Woes

How many times have you slipped up and reached for a donut in a staff meeting, crippling your diet resolve in three bites.  First bite.  “Umm, what a tasty donut.” Second bite.  “Oh no, I’m not supposed to be eating a donut.”  Third through last bites.  “Well, I can’t put this back and I really hate to waste food because people are starving somewhere in the world.  Well, I’ll just have to do more reps this evening.  Oh, dang!  Junior’s recital is tonight at 7pm…”

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.  48% of Americans break their New Year’s resolution to lose weight within a few weeks of starting, if they get started at all.

With spring just a blooming petunia away, many women double down on efforts to lose weight for the coming spring and summer soirees on their calendar.  Anxiety rises as they contemplate buying a new wardrobe versus making the efforts to fit into their old.  This is especially true if they began the year with a resolve tofocus on a healthy diet and exercise plan and are struggling to stay on track.  Buying a wardrobe, no matter your size is easy when you use Groupon to shop stores like Aerie.   You can find stylish apparel at prices that are as easy on the wallet as the clothes are on the eyes.  Still, if losing weight is a definite goal, don’t feel bad if you are having a hard time getting started and an even harder time staying committed.

With all the tracking devices, personal trainers and TV titans leading the fitness charge, you’d think some cutting-edge tech-guru would come up with something fool-proof.  Well, studies show the answer may not be some high-tech gadget, but good old fashioned hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been used for hundreds of years to make behavioral changes and has shown to be effective in helping patients redefine their relationship with food.  It’s considered a gentle way to help a person lose weight and make healthy eating choices, but should not be considered a quick fix.  One woman saw her hypnotist every six weeks for a year and said it took about a month to notice the changes.  Once they kicked in, she found herself walking away from the table leaving more and more food on her plate.  In between the sessions, she worked hard on her exercise routine and finally reached her 100 pound weight loss goal 18 months later.  She has kept the weight off for several years.

If you’re searching for a new tool to put in your fitness arsenal, give hypnosis a try.  Before long you won’t even notice the donuts.