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Importance of writing an original essay

A good essay not only points out the writing abilities of a student but it also delves on the writer’s creativity, thinking skills and intelligence. That is why, it is imperative for every student that he or she writes the best essay. There was a time, when if you wanted to write an essay, you had to spend long hours at the library, browsing hundreds of books, and then sitting down to write. But today, with internet, it has become all the easier to write an essay on any topic, be it science, history, people, or culture.

You know how important your grades are and you also know that a well-written and impressive essay can contribute greatly to it. That is why, it is important that you write creative and original essays so that your grades are not compromised.

Writing an original essay does not require too much of effort. All you have to do is focus on the topic and then do a general reading on the topic. Collect quotes on the topic and also statistics, proof and statements on the same from different sources. If it is internet you are referring to, then copy the links for future reference. If you have found some statements that you think you wish to include in your essay, then never copy it but understand the points and then try to write them in your own words. Remember, that even if you take three words that is in succession, then it will be termed as plagiarism. That is why, be very careful before you copy or use any of the sentences or phrases you have found online in your essay. Of course, you need statistics, and other points to substantiate your essay and you can use them. Just see to it that you have mentioned these resources in the footnote. If you are forced to use verbatim words or sentences, then you can do so but do mention the source.

After you have finished writing your essay, give it a good read twice or thrice to find inconsistencies, grammar errors and spelling mistakes. Once that is done, just go to any site that has article checkers and find if there is any plagiarized content.

Take the help of essay checkers online

As internet can help you in writing essays, it can also help you check your essays online. That is where essay checkers can be of help. It works in easy way.

All you have to do is just paste the essay on the space provided for in the website of essay checker. The text will be checked for proprietary factors that include lexical frequencies, phrase patterns and so on. The site will then compare your essay with texts on different sites and databases on the internet and then find if there has been any copying or plagiarism, knowingly or unknowingly.

Then, it will show the results that will show the match in percentage. If it is plagiarism free, it will show that your essay is 100% original.