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An Important Comparison between Shower Cabins and Baths: Which is Ideal for Your Needs?

When you have to deal with small bathrooms, design can be a tricky issue; amateurs think they have to fill every space available and make it all count (not realising that the so-called ‘empty space’ actually can make the space look much cleaner and appealing). In a similar way, getting a bath for a small bathroom may seem like a bad idea, whilst the shower cabin seems more appealing. It’s a tricky proposition and there isn’t always a right answer. If you’re wondering how you can design your bathroom the best way possible, then this one’s for you. Here’s an important comparison between shower cabins and baths: which is ideal for your needs?

The advantages of a bath

The advantages of the bath are well-known; they are, after all, romanticised and hardly anyone has not seen a man or woman relaxing in a sea of bubbles, possibly with candlelight and soothing music. The bath has its advantages because it allows not only the body to soothe its aches (as warmth is beneficial for the joints and muscles) but also to relax the mind. The bath will always be a favourite for those who like to lie down and soak in peace for a while.

The bath versus the shower – the shower wins

However, the shower has dispelled many of the myths and actually added some extra benefits, such as:

  • Better hygiene (since you’re not soaking in your own dirt)
  • Lower running costs and lower heating expenses (about 1/3 of the bath)
  • Similar relaxation in a shorter time (as the shower jets work their magic)
  • The shower requires less space
  • More eco-friendly

The shower unit

The shower unit can come in various shapes and forms. Often the bathroom needs to be adjusted to fit the shower. On the other hand, there are now handy shower enclosures which are installed as they are.

The shower cabin

The shower cabin is a unit that fits into the bathroom and comes completely pre-made. They have many different kinds of features and come in a wide range of prices – from the economical to the extravagant.

The ideal situation, of course, is that you can get two bathrooms – one for a shower and one for a bath; but most of us are not entitled to that due to lack of space or plumbing installations, and a choice has to be made. As stated before, there is no perfect solution – you need to think of the needs of yourself and your family and make the right choice based on your own situation. Think the process through and make a wise choice; it’s an important issue, after all.