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Knowing More about Kampung Arab in Indonesia

When you decide to have a holiday vacation in Indonesia, you might be ready for the surprises. It is because Indonesia always offers you better place to visit and more memorable. One of the places coming from the village called Kampung Arab. Actually, it is like a village which the residents live more with Arabic value, tradition, and culture. This village can be found easily even in some areas in Indonesia. There must some reasons why the village is called as the Arabic village. Actually, the village was mostly the place for many leaders of religions spreading the religion itself. In this case, the people in the village follow Islamic taught. So, you might even predict how the history began. But, long after the history and the time flies, it is known that the people of village even still use and keep their value, tradition, and culture based on their Islamic taught. It happens in some area of Indonesia such as Malang, Palembang, and also Makassar.

If you love learning, you can just take your holiday to these areas and try to learn many things about the village and the people. Just take an example in Palembang, the Arabic village is known as Kampung Arab Al-Munawar. It is because there is a history that the man who taught Islam to the people named Al-Munawar. Moreover, the characteristics of the village are very much easy to find. You can see that;

  1. All the buildings are mostly made in the style of Middle East and European. It includes Kampung Arab Makassar. Most houses are made in high door with the marble floor. It might be the characteristics of the village. Even some houses have been built for 250 years.
  2. On the other hand, mostly every single home has wooden crafting that is very much unique to see. It makes the characteristics of the village even bolder.
  3. Moreover, the people will usually look like the Arabic ones. They are little bit different from Indonesian faces. It shows that the village is very much matched to be called as Arabic village.
  4. The people are mostly very much kind and they have different system of schooling. If it is Sunday, they will still come to school. But, they will have the day off on Friday.

From the points above, we can know the portrayal of Arabic village. It is greatly seen like the true Arabian people live with their value. So, if you plan a holiday, visiting the village will never be wrong. You can find much uniqueness there even for the meals. You can also see the traditional dances coming from the people with some Arabic instruments. It will be a new experience for you to have a visit in this village. You can choose the different area such as Kampung Arab Malang. Perhaps, every single village has different characteristics. But all of them are still unique and interesting to learn. Therefore, do not doubt to visit Indonesia and see the Kampung Arab here.