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How Rick Casper Finds Arkansas to be An Interesting Destination for Diamond Digging?

The entire planet Earth is suitable for the formation of Diamonds, because of the nature of Carbon which readily oxidizes with both Hydrogen and Oxygen. However, there are specific regions which make better Diamonds concerning the others, and hence the Diamond Diggers have always kept their eyes on these places. For those who have got some tight budget this year and wants to carry out their Diamond digging a bit affordably, Arkansas should be one of their target points. Known as the ‘Natural State’ of the United States, Arkansas is the only name that can boast of its public Diamond mine, which is the only one on the entire planet.

Arkansas- A Gem Destination For the Diamond Diggers According to Rick Casper

Amidst the natural beauty of the heated mineral springs and the Ozark Mountains of Wilson Rawls, Arkansas is just a day’s drive away from the heart of the US. So those who want to have a cheap and affordable trip can easily visit this place, but, those who are looking for some scientific destinations that could provide you the perfect geo-centric offering can also make to this place, and Rick Casper guarantees that not even a single one will be disheartened.

The Craters of Diamond State Park is the eighth largest diamond reserve in the entire world, and Arkansas has its sole propriety over this place. And it might be like a Christmas gift, but it’s true that this is the only place where not just the finders and keepers, but anyone at random can go for Diamond digging. It was 1972 when the park first opened, and since then, record books say that visitors have already dug out more than 27,000 diamonds. Where the standard figures of 100 points make 1 Carat, the average point of all the stones at this park is 25. However, the Uncle Sam Diamond, which is considered to be the largest Diamond that has been found in North America, turned up in the Craters of Diamond Parkway back in 1924.

A bit of scientific discussion will make more sense in favor of Arkansas. People might have forgotten the name, but the Prairie Creek Volcano is given most of the credit by the Geologists, in bringing all these diamonds up to the surface. While you might be pondering, how much of the credit should be given to the Volcano, Rick Casper gives you the figure of 75,000 diamonds which it has brought to the surface. Since there are no traces of this Volcano left, no one remembers it, but the due credit must be given.

Going by the current figures, each of the visitors finds at least two diamonds per day, which can be like 600 diamonds per year. How often does anyone note these beautiful and straightforward facts, about the gifts of nature? So next time you feel like digging some precious stones out, never forget of Arkansas, the city that you’ve bypassed every time you’ve planned for a holiday trip for its heat.