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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: What makes it unique?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to launch soon in India on the 2nd of September, and this is among the biggest launches to happen around the globe. Galaxy Note 7 is not just a new phone, but an extraordinary one, mainly because the established South Korean firm has skipped a generation. The earlier phone to arrive in the Note series is Galaxy Note 5 and now Samsung is all set to introduce the Note 7. What is unique about Note 7 and what are the features that makes it stand out in its segment? Let us browse through the top features.


The S-Pen is a significant feature of the Note series, and the stylus of Galaxy Note 7 is all the more significant. The writing portion of the stylus is smaller and more efficient and while making notes, the process of writing is more smooth and sources say the experience is so splendid that you can’t feel any kind of strain. The width of the S-Pen is now 0.7mm and it is now more convenient to use compared to the 1.6mm tip on the Note 5. The stylus has improved pressure sensors as well, and when you tap it, you will notice the Air Command option and users can make selections, notes, translate and magnify texts. The phone has 38 languages and it can translate 71 languages and for Indian markets the phone has eleven languages.

Apps on S-Pen:

The S-Pen is really cool, and it has loads of apps, firstly, it has the power to translate an image or text. Secondly there is a magnify option where users can zoom a text or image to a magnificent extent of 300%. Interestingly the stylus can magnify any text on the screen, and this feature is just super convenient for the elderly population.

Iris scanner:

This is the most innovative feature of Galaxy Note 7, the phone can unlock with the help of iris recognition and the process happens in seconds. The Iris scanner is a new kind of biometric security and this helps to keep your phone safe. In order to activate this feature user will have to go to the security settings page and search for Iris option. Here you will find the iris scanner as unlock method and the devise will display methods on how to recognize the irises in order to unlock the devise. Sources say the best way to do it is to keep the phone at 25 to 35cm distance away from you. Above the display you will notice an indicator and it will tell you when the sensor is activated.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 02

Secure folder:

This feature can be activated only after setting up Iris scanner, and it is a unique feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It has a folder that consists of What’s app, Facebook and so on and these apps are secure and can be accessed with the aid of Iris lock or password and the files can be viewed in private without giving access to a third person. This is an incredible feature indeed, users can have not just one but two WhatsApp accounts and both are private and can run independently on two different SIMs, and users can store anything they want in private from images to even apps of choice.

An important point to remember is the Secure Folder is an independent app, and users will not be able to transmit information from Secure Folder, unless it is accessed. If there is a signal indicating that someone is trying to access this feature, the phone will unlock and another important point to remember is the secure folder can be accessed only when users register their Samsung ID.

Design and Display:

Galaxy Note 7 has a stunning design and it is similar to Samsung Galaxy S6, beneath the screen you will find the home button and fingerprint scanner. On either side of home button there are capacitive buttons for recent upgrades and back. On the bottom is new USB-port, 3.5mm audio jack, S Pen silo and microphone. On top is hybrid SIM tray and users can pick between one microSD and one SIM card and two SIMs.

The phone has a marvelous 5.7-inch display and what makes it really unique is the curved screen and it looks similar to Galaxy S7 Edge when viewed from front. The 5.7inch screen is engineered with an innovative Super Amoled panel technology and it offers an exemplary 1440x2560 resolution. The sturdiness of the phone is contributed by the robust Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Users with firsthand experience with the phone were awe-inspired by the awesome display and said, the screen looks amazing filled with great level of spectacular bright colors and classic black shades. The viewing angles are excellent, and an important point to remember is Samsung has introduced a feature that enables consumers to pick from various screen resolutions and this is the main selling feature of Note 7. You can pick from different screen resolutions such as QHD, full-HD and HD.

Software and hardware:

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is engineered with an advanced Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software, and the phone has many apps inclusive of apps designed by Samsung such as Samsung gear, Pen Up, Galaxy Apps, S Voice and S Health and there are many Microsoft apps as well. Users can therefore enjoy the experience of browsing through many apps and just have fun. The phone is powered with an innovative 2.3GHz octa-core Exynos 8890 processor and 4GB RAM.

Camera and battery:

The primary 12-MP camera is engineered with a robust Dual Pixel technology and the quality of image is great even under dim-light circumstances. There are series of efficient camera features such as auto HDR, dual-LED flash, optical image stabilization, f/1.7 aperture and phase detection autofocus. The quality of image is great and sources say the pictures look stunning and crisp even when magnified. The front 5MP camera is great for selfies. The phone runs on a super powerful 3500mAh charge and it is expected for a price of Rs 59,900.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a fantastic phone to buy, it is packed with magnificent style, fantastic and futuristic display, world-class battery and amazing camera.