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How to Save Money While Renovating Your Bathroom?

Summary- Bathroom is a place of extreme relaxation. If you wish to make this place a little more beautiful and inviting, without spending a lot, consider renovation. You should limit the use of expensive tiles or combine them with cheaper variants. Alternatively you can also use paints to beautify your bathroom and save a ton of money by opting for simple counter tops.

A bathroom is a place where you might not spend a lot of time but it is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing places in your entire home. There is practically no limit to different ways in which you can remodel your bathroom and make it look like a heaven. However as per data, the average cost of normal bathroom renovations in Laval & Montreal is not less than $10,000, which can also increase depending upon the requirements.

If you do not have the money or resource to afford such expensive project, you can use these tips to get the job done, within your budget.

Limit the usage of tiles

Tiles costs a lot and if you are planning to get them laid by contractor, be prepared to pay through your nose. Limit the usage of tiles to the high impact areas like the floor or the shower enclosure. The rest of the area, you can paint in matching colors. However, if you are reluctant to use paints, then you can use high value tiles with a cheaper variant, which would not only save you money but also help the high value tiles to stand out.

Save on counter Tops

A lot of people like fancy counter tops, which definitely looks good, however one downside of the situation lies in the fact that these fancy tops often costs a lot. Instead of opting for fancy granite tops, you can opt for other cheaper alternatives.  However, if you are keen on granite tops and yet want to save money you can opt for granite slabs with imperfections. In a bathroom counter a lot of space is taken up by the sink, which means if the imperfections appear near the sink or is likely to be hidden by it, then it makes perfect sense to invest in them


If you have serious budget concerns, yet want to give your bathroom new look, painting your bathroom in interesting color patterns would be a great idea. However, when you invest in bathroom paint, use high quality paint as chances of mildew or fungus growing in a moist environment is quite high. Remember to invest in plenty of painter tapes to ensure that you don’t end up spoiling the shine of your mirrors or fixtures.

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