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Have A Short Weekend? John Clemenza is Your Free Guide for New York

How many of you get to find some short vacation amidst the hectic life that hangs around you 24/7? Not many, and hence when you get one, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity of making the best use of it. How about New York for the next short vacation awaiting next weekend? Definitely not one of the best destinations for relaxing, it might drill in some life and positive vibes with the busy and round the clock life at its heart. This is the reason, people nearby never miss the chance to visit and get in some fresh air even though that might lead to some traffic. But you must have some solid plan to make sure each and every day count while you visit New York.

A Short 3 Day Guide to Enjoy Life in New York- John Clemenza Shares It

According to John Clemenza, location is the buzz word for New York, and irrespective of the hotel one checks in to, one thing is to be kept in mind- the proximity of the hotel with any of the subway station. However, there are plenty of hotels and restaurants to put up, but among the recent ones which have succeeded to draw some attraction of tourists is the 11 Howard in Soho which has had a huge makeover just a few months ago. So, the holiday inn last month gets into a super facility hotel now- which in short describes what the city is capable of. And then there are the classics like the Surrey which has been the all-time favorites of the tourists coming for short trips.

Now once you’re already in the city, how can you even miss the food and its variety that you find here? The most classic of all foods is definitely the bagel, and to have one hell of an experience, you must visit the Sadelle’s for they have gained already enough accolades for it. The preparation might not be extraordinary, but it’s the baked chicken in glass kitchens smoking your head out. Get some cream cheese and never forget to go for anything that comes directly from the oven right on your platter.

One thing is for sure, you need to keep one trip in New York dedicated just to try the delicacies out. They have the variety, and the right combination to charm your heart. However, for the typical New Yorkian breakfast, there’s the perennial Bodega with sausage and egg and cheese on black pepper biscuit. John Clemenza says that if you’re trying all these out, you won’t be far away from the new Whitney Museum. So once you’re done with the eating, a creative stroll across the museum won’t be a bad choice at all.

So you can realize what New York has to offer you. Make sure whenever you plan your weekend, you get one particular area chalked out completely. New York has its multiple shades and so you can’t cover all of it at one go.