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The Greenest Cars on the Market

With gas prices as low as they are, fewer people are really looking at hybrid or green vehicles, but they are definitely out there. If your main concern isn’t saving money and is actually keeping the planet healthier for a longer period of time then you definitely want to look at what the best of the best is when it comes to green cars. You may be surprised, but there are a few that are really getting the best for your money and actually making the biggest impact on the environment, so if you’re looking to get a car that’s good for the environment make sure you’re getting the best bad credit car loans Oakville, and then start looking at your options.

The Nissan Leaf is currently one of the best options when it comes to a green vehicle. This vehicle has plenty of options and won’t leave you feeling like you had to sacrifice to get an electric vehicle. It has a moderate price and a relatively sleek look with four doors and seating for five, not to mention it’s going to get you up to 107 miles on just one ‘tank’ of battery power.

Another top quality green vehicle is the Chevrolet Volt. Though not entirely electronic, this hybrid does have an electric mode that will get you up to 53 miles and will get up to 420 miles on gas and electric. Not only that but it’s going to give you a traditional look and feel of the car you’ve always loved and it received the Green Car of the Year Award for 2016, which definitely tells you plenty. This vehicle is really making a difference for the environment and it’s doing it at a great price tag as well.

Finally, the Toyota Prius is finally starting to work towards a new name and a new brand to go along with it. No longer interested in being disregarded, the Prius has a low price tag and offers a full time battery assist to go along with the gas which means that it actually has a full-time hybrid mode. This ensures that it gets up to 58 miles to the gallon, which is definitely going to improve the way that your car impacts the environment and help you keep yourself from emitting too much greenhouse gases, but in a slightly different way.

No matter what you choose you’ll be able to find a great car in Oakville for you and if you’re interested in the options that come with electric and hybrid you’ll find several of those as well. The planet is definitely going to thank you for it and you’re going to feel a whole lot better about what you’re able to accomplish. Not to mention you’re going to get a whole lot further without having to spend quite as much money on gas and who doesn’t like that? No matter how cheap gas may be right now you’re not going to want to get stuck buying it a lot.