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Tom Colton encourages expressing your uniqueness

What If the world was made up with people who were identical, who looked the same, who spoke in the same manner, who’s thought processes were the same? One might state that this world would have no conflicts, which is true. But it would also diminish the importance of each person. Each person is important because of their uniqueness, the thing that sets them apart. The individualistic qualities are what make a person special and irreplaceable.  The uniqueness present in each person should be flaunted and celebrated. Not hidden away.  It is your distinguished qualities that make you more recognizable in other’s eyes; those talents are the ones which impresses them.

Tom Colton talks about how Spiritual Ceremonies celebrates your individualism 

Usually in all the special and important event or milestones of a person’s life, like their weddings or their children’s naming ceremonies, their religions play a very vital role. The ceremonies are constructed by the values and ideals of one’s religion and their rituals are also shaped upon it. As each religion has their own established concepts, there is a very little room for any personal input of the person whose ceremony it is. In their personal days of significance, a person cannot leave their own mark with Religious Ceremonies.

Differing from these Religious Ceremonies, there are Civil Ceremonies taking place too. A Civil ceremony does not take any Religion or God into consideration. It is a fast and cost effective method, which is pretty easy to follow. They are more focused on the legality of the event than the celebration of its commemoration.

An Officiant of Ireland’s Spiritual Union, Tom Colton states that unlike the above two methods, Spiritual Ceremonies lets one showcase their desires beyond the binds of religion while making it a celebration, rather than just another mere daily activity. It offers the people a brilliant opportunity to customize their special day as per their own will, while giving them a bigger platform of expression than it is available in case of Civil Ceremonies.

The consideration of their religion is entirely based on the people involved. They get to decide which religious aspects to inculcate in the event, if at all.  For couples who have differentiating ideals about religions, Spiritual Ceremonies are a great choice to conduct their wedding. They may each include their own traditions and blend it together to personify their beautiful union of soul and spirit.

These ceremonies have a holistic approach and aims at celebrating the uniqueness of each person and their relationship. No two relationships are the same and that fact is recognized by Spiritual Ceremonies, according to Tom Colton. Thus,with this method one can leave a mark on their special day with the stamp of their souls. Their event becomes doubly special as it mesmerizes all with its distinguished spirits.  It adds more meaning to their milestone event, the one that they would remember forever. The Spiritual Ceremonies are built to honor the beauty of your soul and so as to reflect it on your special day.