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The Visa Process for Australian Permanent Residency

Australia the “land of kangaroos” is known be one of the best countries to work and settle down. It is also known to be the best country for permanent residency visa as it has designed a number of visa categories in order to offer permanent residency to the selected candidates. The Australian permanent residency process is quite organised and systematic and point based which evaluates all the applications on the basis of educational and skill related factors.

Benefits of Australian PR

There are various benefits of the Australian permanent residency like:

  • Right to sponsor family members for permanent and temporary visa.
  • Right to live and work in any part or state of Australia for an indefinite period of time.
  • They can enjoy the privilege of the health insurance scheme.
  • They can also avail few security benefit payments.
  • After some time they can also apply for Australian citizenship after fulfilling the required criteria.

Categories of visas

There are various different categories of permanent resident visa for Australia like:

  • Partner visa (subclasses 820 and 801) – Those who have family in Australia are eligible for the Australian permanent residency.
  • Employer nomination scheme (subclass 186)- The subclass 186 visa requires one to be nominated by an approved Australian employer and only qualified, skilled workers are eligible for an Australian permanent residency.
  • Regional sponsored migration scheme (subclass 187)- This visa has three categories: temporary residence, direct entry and agreement and one is required to be nominated by an approved Australian employer for a job in Australia.
  • Business innovation and investment visa (subclass 188)- This category allows one to own and manage a new or an existing business in Australia; for this one should be nominated by the state or territory government.
  • Skilled independent visa (subclass 189) - Those who are national skilled worker are eligible for a subclass 189 visa. For this visa the applicants should complete a skill test and are also required to be sponsored by an employer or a family member.

Once a person becomes a permanent resident of Australia then he/she is eligible for the following rights and entitlements of a citizen like; though there are a few differences:

  • If the permanent residents choose to travel internationally then they need to ensure that they have a permanent visa with a valid travel authority if they ever wish to return to Australia but this is not the case with citizens as they have an automatic right of entry.
  • A citizen is entitled to vote but permanent residents are not entitled to vote in a few cases.

It is not tough to get a Permanent resident visa for Australia but one has to be careful about the categories of visas made by the Australian government and after that only one should apply for visa. Make sure that all teh documents are upto date otherwise there can be a chance of the visa getting rejected.